How do I order a cake?

To order a cake, please contact us through the contact form.

Or call 416-889-7703 for any inquires or to book a free consultation.


How much in time in advance do I need to order my cake?

We suggest 3-6 months in order to ensure your date is available, allow us time to consult with you and to collaborate ideas.


We will not begin creating your cake until you are happy with the design.



What am I required to bring to our initial consultation?

We suggest , you bring any photos, color swatches or cake jewelry that you would like to see in your cake.


What are the cakes made of?

The cakes are all styrofoam based, covered in real fondant and gum paste flowers. For maximum visual impact, only the best quality is used.


Won’t I miss out on photos of the cake cutting if I have a faux cake?

With a little “staging” anything is possible OR you can also opt for a small edible tier.


What if I want a portion of my cake to be real?

We will be able to incorporate an edible tier seamlessly into your cake.


Can I use fresh flowers on my customized cake?

Absolutely, fresh flowers may be used on your cake. We can discuss options with your florist to ensure that the flowers will not wilt.


Alternatively, we can suggest our preferred vendors to receive additional discounts.


What will my guests be served for dessert?

Depending on your venue, you may have a dessert option incorporated into your menu or a dessert table may be available. If neither are the case we can suggest some edible options.


Can I also rent a topper?

Absolutely, we do have toppers available for rental. Just inquire when placing your order.


Can I have my cake shipped?

Cake shipping is your responsibility should that be what you decide to do. Unfortunately, we cannot assume responsibility for the delivery condition it may be received.


Do you make any other type of faux cakes?

Yes, we have made faux cakes previously for photo shoots, store fronts and props in theatre. In addition, we do portion faux for bridal and baby showers.


Where do I find the Preferred Vendors?

We have a list of preferred vendors on our site and are highly recommended by us.