We specialize in creating beautiful wedding cakes and we love what we do — but we realize there is a definite need for beautiful wedding cakes at a fraction of the cost. This is what we do… We create fabulous wedding cakes on a budget.


Why not consider a custom faux wedding cake? We also offer yummy edible options, if you prefer a partially faux wedding cake.


Our creative team collectively has over 25 years of experience. Our lead baker is dedicated to perfection on the palate, you will love our cakes at first bite! You and your guests will definitely be impressed.


Contact us for a free consultation, we would love to create your wedding cake.




We appreciate that most couples would rather spend more money on romantic pictures, everlasting video, the honeymoon… this checklist goes on.


Why not cut back where you can without sacrificing the “fabulousness”?


Many venues offer a dessert option in their meal packages, why double pay for desserts when you can faux it?


No more wasted wedding cakes!! There is ALWAYS left over wedding cake.


Faux cakes are elegant and affordable, you would not believe it’s faux.


Destination wedding? Outdoor wedding? Anywhere in-between, they work.


If it feels like cake, looks like cake and it even smells like cake, why wouldn’t it be cake? That’s the beauty of faux.


Saves cost, is more practical, and looks amazing — how can you go wrong?


You can still keep the tradition, edible options allow you to save the top tier for your one year anniversary.